10 April 2009

Straws in the wind

Just a thought but I do hope that the police and security services have a firm basis for this security alert.

The Times (here):
A desperate search was under way last night for the terrorist bomb factory from which a suspected al-Qaeda cell planned to launch a devastating attack in Manchester.
The Independent (here):
Raids to foil an alleged al-Qa'ida bomb plot, hurriedly brought forward after a blunder by a senior police officer, are yet to uncover any explosives or firearms, according to senior security sources.
The Guardian (here):
Counterterrorist sources admitted that despite intensive surveillance they had uncovered no definite targets for an alleged plot, and described reports citing a shopping centre and nightclub in Manchester as targets as "wide of the mark".
So, despite covert surveillance for up to a month, there are apparently no explosives, no firearms, no bomb factory and no known targets? What evidence have they got?


Anonymous said...

We will see.

Regarding the "Liquid airline terror plot" of August 2006, we are on trial No. 2 & of this Trial No. 2 (current ongoing), the trial is now on jury No. 3.

What a palaver...

Richard T said...

Loth as I am to suspect Government motives but this terror threat was awful well timed to divert the gnat's attention span of the British press from Ministers' expenses and the unfortunate death of Mr Tomlinson at the G20 demonstration. I hope that I am not being too cynical but the gradual down playing of the arests and their alleged targets is not reducing my suspicions.