18 October 2010

Waving or drowning?

Ah, at last: the National Security Strategy. The BBC reports:
After months of study and debate, the NSC has produced a paper that identifies 16 threats to the UK.
The most serious - which they are calling "Tier 1" - comprises acts of international terrorism, hostile computer attacks on UK cyberspace, a major accident or natural hazard such as a flu pandemic, or an international military crisis between states that draws in the UK and its allies.

All very strange. Three major threats to our security appear to have been misplaced. These are:

1. Certain over-tired politicians who insist on participating in ill-judged overseas adventures, partly to prove how macho they are and partly to keep in with the US President;

2. The bureaucratic blockheads at the Ministry of Defence who seem incapable of ordering equipment and weapons that are delivered on time and within budget (which is why we end up with aircraft carriers without any aircraft); and

3. The spooks at MI5 and MI6 who (when they are not manufacturing intelligence or torturing prisoners) are in danger of crying wolf a little too often.


Richard T said...

I'd add to point 2 about ordering weapons and kit that firstly is for the last conflict, secondly is ill specified (Nimrod repalcements anyone?) and thirdly each is designed to boost the role of the service it is ordered by and not the defences of the country.

Atticus Finch said...

Sorry to use this post to comment on one of your earlier blogs but just finished a lengthy case down south.

It should benoted that the less than fragrant Gail is not so stupid as to sack her own defence counsel and rely on Tommy.