26 August 2011

Unfair, I know

This post is intended to drive some of my former colleagues potty, especially those who had to deal with Scottish Enterprise, as indeed I did, for a while.

From The Scotsman (here):
A look at SE's top table...

1 Lena Wilson, chief executive, £200,000

2 Paul Lewis, MD sectors and commercialisation, £127,000

3 Anne MacColl, SDI chief executive £100,000 salary plus £72,000 in "benefits" including £56,039 relocation package

4 Linda McDowall, business network and communications director, £112,000

5 Jim McFarlane, MD growth, innovation, infrastructure and investment, £138,000
Rather disproves the old adage about peanuts and monkeys.

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Adam Smith said...

The fundamental question remains - what is the point of Scottish Enterprise. They pay huge incentives for companies to locate to Scotland and then 5 years later the same companies relocate somewhere else with mass loss of jobs. Balance to the Scottish economy must always be negative - not taking account of the big salaries paid to the officials. But then some lucky politician will get the PR bonus of opening a factory somewhere and be long gone before same factory closes.And they all claim that they have read my book.