30 November 2011


It's a bit lame.  The Scotsman reports:

Finance Secretary John Swinney said today that it was his duty to cross a picket line and lead a Holyrood debate on public sector pensions.
Mr Swinney will be at the Scottish Parliament, despite calls from Labour and the Green Party for politicians to take to the streets with striking public sector employees.
The SNP administration refused to clear the parliamentary timetable and will debate what Mr Swinney called a UK Government “cash-grab” on pensions.
While Labour and the Greens will steer clear, Tory and Liberal Democrat MSPs are expected to take part in the debate.
Some might argue that it was his duty to abstain from crossing a picket line.  Well, at least we now know where the SNP stands - and it's not on the side of the workers.

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Silvio said...

I fear that, not for the first time, your champagne socialistlifestyle has led you to an unblanced analysis. I suggest you read Magnus Linklater in today's Times.
"The decision by Labour MSPs yesterday to stay away from the Scottish Parliament and join the strikers outside shows just how little they have learnt from their catastrophic defeat at the last election........Most ordinary members of the public, watching them take a day off work, will have concluded that, since they were elected to Parliament, they should have been in Parliament.....Meanwhile at Westminster, Labour MPs, including their leader crossed picket lines to take part in a crucial debate. The message of contrasting values could not have been more obvious."
So if the SNP were wrong according to you, then so must the UK Labour Party. Only the Scottish Labour Party, marching to obscurity are right. Poor muddled thinking for a blogger.