17 January 2013

General Cameron

Yesterday evening, I was reading a rather splendid novel (The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie) and came across this passage.  It reminded me sharply of a certain politician:
"I think you would have made an excellent lieutenant, a passable captain, a mediocre major and a dismal colonel, but as a general you are a liability.  I think you know this, and have no confidence, which makes you behave, paradoxically, as if you have far too much.  I think you make decisions with little thought, abandon some with none and stick furiously to others against all argument, thinking that to change your mind would be to show weakness.  I think you fuss with details better left to subordinates, fearing to tackle the larger issues, and that makes your subordinates smother you with decisions on every trifle, which you then bungle.  I think you are a decent, honest, courageous man.  And I think you are a fool."


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