25 May 2013

A modern dilemma

So little time, so much telly to watch.  Simon Hoggart explains the problem:

Do other readers suffer from TV guilt? I have seen only three episodes of The Wire. Admit this to friends, and they look as if you had given up driving lessons after a fortnight. Pathetic and useless.
We have seven episodes of Borgen II recorded but not viewed. People say things like: "You're not watching Game of Thrones? Ohmigod! Well at least there'll be the box set."
We didn't see Treme. Nor a single episode of Spiral. Or Dexter. We stopped watching Mad Men about two years ago. I wouldn't know how to access Netflix. We are up with The Fall (brilliant – makes Belfast appear to be full of delightful people and a lot of homicidal maniacs, so no change there) and we did manage all of Broadchurch. But we lost The Politician's Husband, and still have a Foyle's War to watch.
Life was so much simpler in pre-video days when everyone refused invitations because the Forsyte Saga was on. Now we all just have a long list of unwatched shows, all of which, it seems, our friends are raving about. I feel as outdated as if I wore a Fair Isle sweater, ate Pot Noodle and had a two-bar electric fire in the sitting room.

I am reaching the stage where I find it difficult to cope with serials.  There are too many of them and, by the time the following week comes around, the impetus has been lost.  More convenient to wait for the box-set and then have a splurge on successive evenings, so that the narrative remains fresh (and comprehensible).

And, anyway, what's wrong with Fair Isle sweaters and pot noodle?


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