15 January 2014

A Parisian fairy tale

Frankie and Val have been shacked up together for three or four years.  But Frankie has been a naughty boy, sneaking off to have a thing with Jools.  Apparently, Val never noticed when, after dinner, Frankie would take his toothbrush and disappear for the night, not re-appearing until after breakfast the next day.  But Val found out last week about Frankie and Jools and went off the deep end.  She was so stressed out (or perhaps she was mentally exhausted, or maybe just a case of the blues) that she had to go into hospital where she remains to this day.

Meanwhile Frankie is saying nuffink.  He does not deny that one of his pals took him to his nights of passion on a scooter, nor that the same pal would bring the couple croissants in the morning.  

Incidentally, Frankie is in the habit of dying his hair, if rather unconvincingly.

Where will it all end?  Probably in tears on the part of both Val and Jools.  On the other hand, they will certainly be better off without serial love-rat Frankie.

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