16 April 2014

Don't spend it all in one shop

At last, the growth in wages exceeds inflation.  Well, maybe:
There was good news for British households as wage growth finally started to outpace inflation after years of falling living standards, and unemployment fell to its lowest level in five years.
Annual pay growth including bonuses rose to 1.9% in February, above the 1.7% inflation rate in the same month.
Over the three months to February, pay rose by 1.7%, just ahead of the March inflation rate of 1.6% published by the ONS on Tuesday.
So you may have an extra penny or two to spare.  Provided of course that you are an average earner (which you probably are not) and that your spending exactly matches the basket of goods against which inflation is measured (which it probably does not).  Oh, and bear in mind that the above inflation figures do not take account of housing costs.

Still, rejoice - if you can.

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