17 December 2014

Christmas shopping

Where will you go to buy your turkey this Christmas?  The Guardian suggests a further shift in allegiance:
The German discount chains are set to “win Christmas” for the second year running, with a quarter of British grocery shoppers saying they are more likely to head to Aldi or Lidl than they were last year.
The survey results are a blow to the hopes of the struggling big four – Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco – which have banked on price cuts and a blizzard of discount vouchers to win back shoppers.
One in 10 of those surveyed by Marketing Sciences for the Guardian said they planned to do their main Christmas food shop at either Aldi or Lidl.
Traditionally, shoppers have shied away from cut-price stores as they prepare to treat their families at Christmas, instead heading to the big four or to upmarket grocers such as Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

Here in Spain, the supermmarkets go less crazy about the festive season; the supermercados are not so loaded up with dirty great turkeys and brussels sprouts.  The only exception is to be found in the ubiquitous British-owned bars which make a fetish of offering Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, albeit at a very reasonable price.

But the atmosphere of enforced jollity is not for me.  I will have a quiet day, much like any other:  a couple of pints with the lads at lunchtime, then home, probably with a nice bit of silverside from the Irish butcher and some roast potatoes, and a dvd to watch in the evening.  Just a perfect day.

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