22 June 2015

Pedantry up with which we are prepared to put

At last. somebody has made a stand for proper grammar:
Michael Gove, the justice secretary, has issued his civil servants with detailed orders on using good grammar, two years after he circulated similar “golden rules” to officials in the Department for Education.
The senior cabinet minister has wasted little time since his appointment after the general election in telling his staff how he wants them to draft letters and briefing papers.
The instructions tell officials to write “make sure” instead of “ensure” and to avoid using the word “impact” as a verb. He is also unhappy with the use of contractions, such as “doesn’t”, and the deployment of “yet” and “however” at the beginning of sentences.
About time, too.  There's far too much slipshod writing around.  And things have been getting worse in recent years.  However, I don't suppose it'll make much of a difference ...


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