24 August 2015

That's me they're talking about

The Times reports:
One in five older drinkers are [sic] consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol each week, with wealthy pensioners the biggest culprits, according to a new study.
Over-65s are putting their health at risk by drinking above government guideline amounts, experts warned. They urged GPs to ask members of the baby boomer generation about their drinking as a matter of routine.
The figures suggest that drinking among pensioners could be more of a problem than previously thought. In general lifestyle surveys for England, one in five men drinks over safe limits while among women, it is one in ten.
Having reached 65, I am increasingly less inclined to heed the warnings of the health fascists.  I want to enjoy my remaining years.  So I will smoke and I will drink as the moment takes me.

As for GPs, it is so difficult to get to see them, that it is all kind of pointless ...


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kailyard rules said...

Morituri te salutamus. With a large malt and one for yourself.