30 October 2015

Miles better?

As I am from the other side of the country, I'm biased, of course, but this strikes me as a step too far.  According to The Times:
It has a reputation as Britain’s most macho city, with a mean streak as wide as the Clyde (Marc Horne writes). But Glasgow has been given a makeover and will be marketed around the globe with a new pink colour scheme.
The livery is being used on taxis, billboards, banners, badges, visitor websites and on the high-visibility lanyards worn by security staff at Glasgow airport. It is also featuring heavily at the World Gymnastic Championships at the SSE Hydro Arena.
The man behind the pink push has revealed that it has been done to give Glasgow a softer, more friendly image.
Scott Taylor, the chief executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: “Making a post-industrial city in the west of Scotland go pink demonstrates just how comfortable Glasgow is in its own skin. It’s an inclusive colour, it’s a caring colour, it demonstrates a softness that Glasgow has.”
The city is also preparing to market itself as a gay-friendly metropolis. “It is about making a statement,” Mr Taylor said. “Glasgow is a place where everybody and everyone can come and have fun and feel welcome.”
Aye, well.  Just don't go to Glasgow in the day of an Auld Firm match and expect to have fun and feel welcome.

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