10 October 2016

In charge of the asylum

Bizarre.  The Times reports:
Doctors, nurses and other NHS staff need to be more positive at work, the new whistleblowing chief for the health service has said.
Henrietta Hughes said that low-level grumpiness could harm patients and contribute to a mistrustful “toxic environment” in which staff were reluctant to speak out. She said that “every single person” in the health service had to help to make it a happier place to work and end a culture of bullying and poor care.
The NHS needed more of the “trust and joy and love” hormone oxytocin, Dr Hughes said, citing the happy embraces of reunited families at the start of the Hugh Grant film Love Actually.
“If you think about that scene in Love Actually where everybody is meeting at the airport, that’s the oxytocin feeling. So wouldn’t it be better if oxytocin was the predominant neurotransmitter in the NHS?”
Speechless!  Underpaid nurses, overworked doctors, forget your troubles and be happy ...


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