24 November 2016

Brexit and all that

Leaving aside the question of access/membership of the single market, the Article 50 negotiations are likely to be complicated.  The Independent reports:
Article 50 has all the ingredients to become a fight about money. Here are some of the thorny issues that need resolving: Britain must be untangled from the European Investment Bank, and its 16 per cent share of the bank’s capital – nearly 40 billion euros – must be returned. EU grants will need to be repaid and fishing quotas adjusted. Someone will have to pay for relocating the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority from London. In turn, the UK will claim its share of EU assets – from EU offices down to the Commission’s wine cellar and cutlery. Lawyers on both sides will have a field day.
Not to mention the question of the British staff (and ex-staff) of the European institutions and their pensions ...


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