30 September 2017

Quote of the day

From Matthew Parris, former Tory MP (here):
This Conservative government is finished. Over. Toast. Dead meat. Broken. Sunk. Wrecked . . . all the words we use in place of a word we don’t. They can do what they like, think what they like, announce what they like, promise what they like but it’s useless now, it’s all too late.
On the morning after the last general election George Osborne called Theresa May a dead woman walking. If anything he understated. Her personal political death occurred on the pronouncement of the exit poll on election day. Reanimated the following morning, she’s now a zombie prime minister leading a zombie cabinet in a zombie party gathering in Manchester for a conference of the walking dead. Whatever these zombies’ message may sound like within the security zone, from outside we will only see mouths moving without sound or meaning. Their leader is done for and their credibility is shot.

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