09 January 2019

Failing Grayling

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Odd that the parliamentary sketch-writers focus on the Transport Secretary's physical tics (as well as his manifest incompetence):

The Times:
Mr Grayling’s left cheek started to twitch, as it did during the Northern Rail timetabling fiasco.
The Guardian:
Grayling’s only outward sign of sentience is a twitch in his left cheek, and this nervous tic was in evidence well before he was called upon to answer an urgent question about his decision to award a £13.8m contract to a ferry company with no ferries. The cheek is Grayling’s last remaining centre of intelligent life: when it wobbles, it’s a sure sign he’s in danger. Even though he isn’t aware of it himself.
The Independent:
The tell for when not just the world but Grayling himself knows Grayling has cocked up is an occasional twitch in his right eye, as if the lower eyelid is determined to scratch an itch in the upper one.
And as Labour’s Andy McDonald filleted, seasoned and served up the full horrors of the Seaborne Freight contract with a spectacular precision that can only be described as Salt Bae-esque, the transport secretary’s right eye socket danced like a dying fly on a halogen hob.
Steering inexorably towards a disastrous no-deal Brexit is not the best time, perhaps, to have an utter incompetent as transport secretary.  Nevertheless, no need to focus on the man's physical disability ...


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