05 December 2010

Quote of the day

I do not usually admire the writing of Mr McKenna in The Observer but this time I think that he's got it about right:
My Scotland is still a thrawn, aggressive, carnaptious and disputatious wee nation. But it is also enlightened, tolerant, kind (in a gruff don't-mention-it sort of way) and remains a beacon in its continuing preferential option for its own poor and the vulnerable and the persecuted of other countries. Occasionally, it will take itself too seriously and retreat into itself and give itself a right good talking to: are we too fond of the bevvy; do we smoke too much; does my public sector look big in this; will Sean Connery ever buy a house here? Sometimes, we come off the ropes fighting only to discover that our opponent went home a few hours ago. We need to relax and get out more.
I could settle for this, though I'd still be inclined to strangle that last surviving minister of the Church of Scotland with the last copy of the The Sunday Post.

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