13 December 2010

Smoke and mirrors

As some of you may be aware, I rely on my groceries being delivered, usually by Tesco or Sainsbury's. The Evening News reports:
A Tesco spokesman said: "Every delivery company operating in Scotland has been affected by the recent severe weather.

"We don't want to cause disappointment to customers and have taken the decision to suspend new Tesco Direct orders in Scotland. We are working hard to ensure that orders already placed with us are delivered."

Food orders from Tesco.com have not been disrupted, the spokesman added.
Oh yes they have. They have not made a single groceries delivery in Edinburgh for the past two weeks. Furthermore, they will not make any deliveries until next Sunday.
A Sainsbury's spokesman said: "Despite our best efforts the adverse weather conditions mean we have had to suspend our non-food deliveries in Scotland. We would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this has caused."

"Our grocery deliveries are continuing as normal."
Oh no they're not. No deliveries can be booked before Friday.

I appreciate that the weather would have disrupted deliveries but it would have been helpful if the supermarkets came clean about their position. In the meantime, Asda have agreed to deliver to me this afternoon. Fingers crossed but if they succeed they can look forward to more of my business in future.

Update: Asda duly delivered.


Anonymous said...

Has it really come to this? Discussions about grocery deliveries. You'll be telling us about your trouser preferences next - oh no, forgot, you've already done that...
I suppose the bright side is that John Pilger won't need to be riding to your rescue anytime soon, eh?

Julian Assange Jnr said...

Dear Anonymous
I have to agree. The crusading mission of this blog was to be -
"An occasional glimpse into the workings of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive"
The cutting edge has gone. In a week when a Government Minister has been forced to resign and the country brought almost to its knees we - who have in the past looked to Holyrood Chronicles to guide us through the political maelstrom (I remember the halcyon days when HC beat the world's press with the Scottish election results)- are reduced to this sort of title tattle.
Please HC, return to the glory days and tell it as it is, as you see it from your New Town garret, surviving on scraps from ASDA,reassuring us that we are not alone, that there is more in the world than faded Dixie Chicks and Liz Hurley, aging hippy memories of lost times,and clips of long forgotten bands. You have it in you - go for it. We'll put up the bail money.