08 December 2011

Cameron's true colours

By their words shall ye know them.  What is Cameron's main priority going into the summit negotiations?  The Telegraph provides the answer, albeit in somewhat cynical tone:
David Cameron has been talking tough on Europe. Addressing the nation via a newspaper article yesterday morning, the Prime Minister made his position stirringly clear. If Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy do anything that threatens to hurt the City of London, he will defend our island, whatever the cost may be. He will exercise his veto on the beaches. He will exercise his veto on the landing grounds. He will exercise it in the fields and in the streets, he will exercise it in the hills. He will never surrender.
Unless, of course, the question is about the repatriation of social and employment powers, in which case he will surrender, and we shall go on doing on our beaches, landing grounds etc whatever Brussels orders us to do. 
Note the priority - to defend the City of London.  Nothing about manufacturing or other services, or regional policy, social policy or even defence of the constitutional prerogatives of parliament.  As long as the City survives to wield its immoral spell on the economy, nothing else really matters.

Well, I didn't vote for him ...

Update: also from The Telegraph (here) which seems to be a bit depressed:

The Prime Minister can engage in as much pre-fight trash talk as he likes. He can square up to the Berlin bruiser Anglea Merkel; look down on that pipsqueak Nicolas Sarkozy. It doesn’t matter.
David Cameron is going to sign that treaty. If it recommends renaming the UK the Greater German province of Albion. If it kicks the Queen out of Buckingham Palace and hands the place over to Herman Van Rompuy. If it requires ministers to attend the next meeting of the Cabinet in Lederhosen. David Cameron will sign.
He has no other option.

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