06 December 2011

Pseuds' Corner

From The Guardian (here), with regard to the Turner Prize:

Boyce has a more developed sense of the place and engagement of the spectator. His is the more generative and generous art. From the drifts of waxy, geometric paper leaves on the floor, to the dappled lighting; from the wonky litter bin, to the library table as the room's centrepiece; Boyce's room is both impressive and affecting. The beauty lies in its orchestration.
He deserves the prize. I'm haunted by his room, with the way a hanging mobile entwines itself with the library table, like a dangling thought, the room sweeping away into a kind of indoor autumn. His art is a sort of elegy to modernist purity. It feels like a human space and a mental territory. I'd love him to make a permanent room somewhere.


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