26 April 2012

Staying up late

Over here in Spain, the Champions' League football matches start at 8.45 pm.  This causes me some difficulty as by ten o'clock I am desperately attracted to the land of nod.  Not infrequently, I fall asleep shortly after the half-time break.  (I know, I know, it's probably something to do with advancing senility.)

It was therefore with some pleasure that I managed to last the course during this week's matches, despite the extra time played last night and notwithstanding the fact that my viewing on the internet the previous evening (Barca-Chelsea) was accompanied by a first half commentary in German and a second half commentary in Russian.  Both matches seemed to me to be of the quality to be expected in the semi-finals of such a prestigious competition.  So, even allowing for Mr Guardiola's ill-fitting (too short) grey v-neck sweater and the regrettable habit of modern footballers to fall over and roll around at the drop of a hat, I am left with the satisfactory conclusion that it is still a beautiful game.

Roll on the final!

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