04 April 2013

It's not a MAD world?

I am not entirely clear as to why North Korea might wish to lob an inter-continental ballistic missile (assuming that it actually had the capacity) in the direction of the UK, but Mr Cameron obviously takes the matter seriously:

David Cameron has warned against abandoning Britain's Trident nuclear submarine programme, claiming it would be foolish to do so due to the threats posed by North Korea.
The prime minister said the country should not be left defenceless when the "highly unpredictable and aggressive" regime in North Korea was developing ballistic missiles that he claimed could threaten Europe.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph,, Cameron said the UK needed to maintain the ultimate deterrent as much today as during the cold war.
"The Soviet Union no longer exists. But the nuclear threat has not gone away. In terms of uncertainty and potential risk it has, if anything, increased."
Cameron said Iran was continuing to defy the will of the international community over its nuclear programme while North Korea may already be building a nuclear arsenal.
"Last year, North Korea unveiled a long-range ballistic missile which it claims can reach the whole of the United States. If this became a reality, it would also affect the whole of Europe, including the UK."

I had been under the impression that Trident was supposed to be a deterrent; they would not obliterate us if  we did not obliterate them.  Given the threats to nuke our cousins across the Atlantic, North Korea clearly does not subscribe to that theory.  In these circumstances, what is the point of Trident?  Would it not be better to invest in one or two of these anti-missile systems that the yanks have sent to Guam?  Bound to be cheaper than Trident.

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David Milligan said...

Hear, hear,

If my whole family was destroyed by nuclear weapons I wouldn't want the largely innocent population of the country that did it to be incinerated in a revenge attack.

The real culprits would be safe in their bunkers with their families, so what's the point of that.

The submarines, the Trident system and the rest of the nukes have to be removed from Scottish soil and Scottish waters, no fudge on that one.

David Cameron and his warmongering pals can berth them in the Thames next to Westminster with a great big target painted on their sides.

That way, he can keep the "deterrent" right beside him and feel as safe as I and my family do who live just a few short miles from one of the biggest stores of nuclear weapons in the world.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan - a very Sovereign Scot