14 October 2013

Come on, you red devils!

Belgium must be doing something right.  Despite its population of a mere 11 million, the Red Devils have just qualified for the World Cup finals (and from Scofland's group).  It's not surprising really, when they can call upon players of the quality of Mignolet (Liverpool), Vertonghen (Spurs), Vermaelen (Arsenal), De Bruyne (Chelsea), Fellaini (Man Utd), Hazard (Chelsea), Dembele (Spurs), Lukaku (Everton), Benteke (Villa), plus of course Man Utd's new wunderkind, Januzaj.  What wouldn't Scotland give for two or three such players?


Wee Gordon said...

Aye, but they flatter to deceive. We dinnae bother with the flatter stuff.

Anonymous said...

Is that a flatter back 4?