24 October 2013

Conversation of the week

The reason I admire these extracts is that they frequently and neatly encapsulate what I perceive to be the underlying truth about political developments.  For example:
Osborne: I am pleased to announce that a new nuclear power station will be built, and bring enormous economic benefits to …
China: Us.
France: And us. We can't believe you've agreed to subsidise such a high price for our electricity. Contents jours!
Cameron: This deal will guarantee that no old people will die of hypothermia and malnutrition, so long as they wear those nice sweaters that Sarah Lund had and don't mind eating limbs that drop off with frostbite.
John Major: I don't say this to undermine the PM, but a windfall tax on energy companies might be an idea.
Cameron: Bastard.
Major: That was my line.


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