21 March 2014


I have just watched (on telly) the best rugby match of the season,  Not surprising when the teams featured such illustrious names as Julien Bonnaire, Sivivatu, Ali Williams, Carl Hayman, Morgan Parra and Matt Giteau. To them can be added Lee Byrne, Michalak, Jamie Cudmore, the Armitage brothers, Rougerie, Nathan Hines, Djugashvili, Tomas Domingo, as well as a 15 minute cameo from Jonny Wilkinson.  Clermont Auvergne beat Toulon by 22 to 16.  Either team could have given any of the Six Nations teams a run for their money.

Vern Cottar, the Clermont coach, takes over the Scotland role this summer.  It is perhaps too much to hope that he might persuade Hines (who had a superb match) to return to the Scottish fold.  But if he can imbue the Scottish XV with half the fortitude and spirit displayed by the Auvergnois, we may look forward to happier times for Scottish rugby.


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