15 March 2014

We've been here before

Taken at face value, this might kill off the remaining hopes of the Yes campaign:
In a move to help build a united platform in favour of greater devolution from all three UK parties, Cameron told the Scottish Tories it was a "blatant" nationalist myth that a no vote would mean the end of the road for further powers.
"Let me be absolutely clear: a vote for no is not a vote for no change.
"We are committed to making devolution work better still, giving the Scottish parliament greater responsibility for raising more of the money it spends," Cameron told the party's spring conference, which has attracted a record number of 1,100 delegates.
"So here's the recap: vote yes – that is total separation. Vote no – that can mean further devolution; more power to the Scottish people and their parliament, but with the crucial insurance policy that comes with being part of our UK."
Could we trust the Tories?  They have previous form.  In 1970, they promised devolution but failed to deliver.  In 1979, they promised devolution but failed to deliver.  Since then, they have opposed devolution at every step.  I rather think that we will need more detailed evidence of commitment before we can take the Tories at face value.


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