26 August 2014

I used to be indecisive ...

... but now I'm not so sure.

Yes, I will shortly be departing this sun-kissed paradise - albeit temporarily - to embrace once again the doubtful pleasures of Auld Reekie in September.  And, perhaps, to cast my vote in the forthcoming referendum.  For indeed I still have sufficient ties to the dear old place to qualify for a place on the electoral roll.

But which way to vote?  And, prior to that, have I a moral right to vote?  Although I pay UK income tax on my pension and council tax in respect of my humble Edinburgh abode, I cannot deny that I am spending more and more time in sunny Spain.  So should I be permitted to throw in my tuppenceworth to the momentous decision, when the effect on me and mine will be limited?  Me, ah dinnae ken.

As for the vote itself, if I do exercise my voting rights, which way should I jump?  Sure enough, it's a sair fecht.

Could I bear to see the land of my birth subjected to another five years of Westminster rule by the Tories?  Increasing pressure on welfare services, cuts to public services across the board and the probability of a UK exit from the EU.  And, even if the Tories lose the general election next May, would life under Miliband be significantly better?  Furthermore, I have little faith in the UK parties' promises of additional devolution.  (Been here before, have we not?)

On the other hand, can I trust Scotia's future to Salmond and his henchmen?  Has he really thought matters through, on the currency, the EU membership and on Trident?  Or is his version of independence little more than toytown politics where London remains calling the shots?  And, while the quality of the members of the Scottish Parliament may on the whole be marginally better than their Westminster counterparts, do I really think that they are fit to run the country?

All very difficult.


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Erskine May said...

You really do need to get back to edinburgh ang get in touch with reality again if you think the bollards at Holyrood are better than Westminster MPs.