04 February 2015

Bye, Duggie, Danny, Mags et al

If I were a Scottish Labour MP, I think I would be worried.  The Guardian reports:
Labour’s general election campaign chairman, Douglas Alexander, and the Liberal Democrats’ economics spokesman, Danny Alexander, are two of the most high-profile projected casualties in Scotland at the general election, according to polling research by Lord Ashcroft that was prematurely released on Tuesday night.
The long-awaited polling in 16 constituencies in Scotland suggests a 21% swing from Labour to the Scottish National party (SNP). If the results were replicated across Scotland on 7 May, Labour would lose 35 of its 41 seats, making the prospect of an overall Labour majority at Westminster much more unlikely, and close to impossible.The polling is the most detailed seat-by-seat assessment of the state of Scottish politics with just three months before the election.
In the Labour-held constituencies, the overall swing to the SNP was 25.4%. This ranged from 21% in Airdrie & Shotts to 27% in Dundee West and Motherwell & Wishaw.
What is striking is the size of the notional SNP lead over Labour in all but three of the fourteen Labour-held constituencies, previously regarded as utterly safe.  Labour has a vast amoumt to do to recover the situation.


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