04 February 2015


The Guardian reports:
Sports Direct is facing a claim for millions of pounds from nearly 300 workers excluded from the retailer’s generous bonus scheme because they were on zero-hours contracts.The employees were excluded from a bonus scheme that paid out about £160m worth of shares to 2,000 “permanent” workers in 2013.
Lawyers acting for the part-time staff sent letters to Sports Direct’s legal team on Friday claiming a total of just over £1m in compensation for missed bonuses for a first batch of 30 workers. The individual claims average about £36,000 each but the highest is worth more than £100,000.
All of the first 30 seeking compensation, with help from the legal firm Leigh Day, have a minimum of five and a half years in continuous employment with Sports Direct, including the period covered by the bonus.
The total which might be payable by Sports Direct to the 300 workers would amount to a measly £10 million.  That is unlikely to make a big hole in the company's pockets.  In the year to 27 April 2014, Sports Direct had revenue of over £2.7 billion and an operating profit of over £249 million.

So go on, Sports Direct - do the right thing!


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