14 August 2016

The man with no neck

If I were Inverdale, I would try to avoid upsetting Steve Redgrave:
The tension between Sir Steve Redgrave and John Inverdale continued yesterday when the former rower interrupted the BBC presenter as he tried to interview the New Zealand winner of the men’s single sculls.
The apparently frosty relationship between Redgrave and Inverdale has amused and intrigued viewers. As Inverdale began talking to Mahé Drysdale, Redgrave said the New Zealand media should get to interview him first.
“Let him go and do New Zealand TV. I’m sorry I can’t allow that to happen,” Redgrave said. “The Kiwis should get in first.”
Viewers soon took to social media. “And it’s day 6 in the When Will Steve Redgrave Thump John Inverdale competition,” tweeted Andrew Brooks.


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