02 August 2016

"You're more than a number in my little black book"

What kind of paranoid idiot writes down the name of his enemies in a little black book?  And what kind of idiot then tells the newspapers about it?  The President of the European Commission, that's who.  The Guardian reports:
There is no shortage of people who could make it into the bad books of the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker.
While the true list of his enemies remains secret, Juncker has revealed he keeps “a little black book” to note down the names of people who cross him. “I have a little black book called Le Petit Maurice where for the past 30 years I have noted when someone has betrayed me,” the EU president told the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.
Juncker explained it wasn’t very full, because people “rarely betray me”. He added: “I am not vengeful, but I have a good memory.” Juncker’s black book was a constant companion during his 18 years as prime minister of Luxembourg. He would tell people attacking him: “Be careful. Little Maurice is waiting for you.”
Bizarre ...

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