14 May 2017


Trouble at t'mill.  The Sunday Times reports:
The Today programme has long been known for annoying the nation’s politicians. And, with its weekly reach of more than 7m listeners, the Radio 4 show has also not been immune to its own internal rivalry.
Now two of the presenters are understood to have raised concerns with senior BBC bosses about the “uncollegiate” behaviour of Nick Robinson, who joined Today in 2015 after a decade as the corporation’s news-breaking political editor.
One of the presenters went to Gwyneth Williams, controller of Radio 4, while the other went to Gavin Allen, controller of daily news programmes.
Their worries centre on Robinson’s sharp elbows as well as tussles over who is on the rota to appear for big occasions, such as post-budget and after the election when Robinson wants to be on air.
With a team of five presenters — Robinson, Humphrys, who has been on Today for three decades, Justin Webb, Mishal Husain and Sarah Montague — there has long been an element of rivalry.
With the exception of Ms Husain (who seems to be relatively normal), the other four are a bunch of patronising plonkers, so far up themselves as to be right pains in their respective fundaments.

Bring back Naughtie, even if he does on occasion ask the most convoluted questions.


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