01 May 2017

Tory tax bombshell!

Well, that's clear enough.  The Guardian reports:
Theresa May is likely to abandon the Tories’ “triple tax lock” commitment and has ruled out increases to VAT, but signalled that she could allow a future Conservative government to raise national insurance and income tax.
The prime minister, whose government was recently forced into an embarrassing U-turn over plans to raise national insurance for the self-employed, said she did not want to make promises that she would be unable to keep. As such, she would not commit to renewing her predecessor’s policy that prevented the government from increasing any of the three major taxes: VAT, national insurance and income tax.
So vote Tory and prepare to pay higher taxes.  And, if you''re a pensioner, say cheerio to the triple lock.


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Giorgio said...

Of course, Higher taxes. In particular, a progressive tax on high incomes is the efficient method.