22 August 2007

Why does McLetchie hate pensioners?

A needless reform. The Scotsman reports:
THE ban on pensioners carrying out jury service in Scotland should be lifted, a senior MSP yesterday said.
More than 200,000 Scots could be recruited if the age limit for jury service was raised above 65, according to former Tory leader David McLetchie, himself a lawyer.
At the moment, anyone above the age of 65 is excluded from sitting on a jury, but the Edinburgh Pentlands MSP said this fails to recognise older peoples' expertise and experience of life.

Pensioners have far better things to do than sitting on juries.


Anonymous said...

Pensioners have much less to do than people with jobs! I reckon they'd love it.

Anonymous said...

Unless they're bloggers, in which case they could be quite busy.

Anonymous said...

Being on a jury would be writing-material heaven for a blogging pensioner.