17 November 2008

Am I missing something?

I have never watched The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing; while the very concept of I'm a Celebrity seems abhorrent. Big Brother was equally unattractive. And I'm far from fond of that wee long-haired nyaff that does Scottish history programmes.

If it were not for the occasional rugby match, I'd probably throw the telly out of the window. But then, unlike - apparently - everyone else, I have a wee square telly, rather than one of these flat screen things.

So many aspects of modern life are incomprehensible, especially those things associated with television.

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Anonymous said...

Searing insights on the issues of the day used to be a hallmark of this blog. I much prefer the new John Junor style. Everything really was better in the days of yore. Bring back Come Dancing, What's My Line and Dixon of Dock Green. Or then again.....