08 November 2008

An impending coup?

Section 45 of the Scotland Act 1998:
(1) The First Minister shall be appointed by Her Majesty from among the members of the Parliament and shall hold office at Her Majesty’s pleasure.
(2) The First Minister may at any time tender his resignation to Her Majesty and shall do so if the Parliament resolves that the Scottish Executive no longer enjoys the confidence of the Parliament.

Up to you, Mr Gray. Has Glenrothes sufficiently emboldened you to put together a coalition with at least one of the other unionist parties and dethrone the nationalist usurper? And if not a coalition, then a minority government with the tacit support of other parties? Not impossible - all it would take is to win a vote in parliament.

OK, maybe not now. But, now that the honeymoon has ended, how long before the whispering starts?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could advise the Welsh amongst us of whether to 'stick or twist' on more powers, more expensive offices, more 'powers' and more 'local competence' ??

Before it is too late ??