07 November 2008

The Wire

I have previously expressed some admiration for this TV programme, which I acquired from Amazon on DVD.

I am now ploughing through the third series. It ain't easy, but it is rewarding. Bunk, Kima, Cedric and, of course, McNulty are the stars; but even the villains (not all of whom are black drug-dealers) have their moments. It is complex and multi-layered; and the political dimension is becoming increasingly apparent.

Wonderful - but they do swear an awful lot.

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed magnificent. We're into Series 4, which I think is a lot tighter. Omar, Bubbles and Lester Freemon also clear stars for me, but there's not a weak performance in it for my money.

Highest praise? Actual drug dealers have been recorded on actual wires saying "I told you never to phone when the Wire's on, {expletive deleted}".