26 August 2009

Don't hold your breath

How many times over the past 20 years have you heard of proposals for a high-speed rail line between London and Scotland? And how many times did such proposals make any serious progress towards implementation?

The latest version is costed at £34 billion. Given that we are entering an era of severe restraint of public spending, we may as well face the fact. It is not going to happen.

With apologies to the trainspotters out there ...


Anonymous said...

Dead right-this is simply the liebour party attempting to garner support for them prior to the elections!

ANY body who believes this piffle is a ZOMBIE!

ScottishPcyclePath said...

The sad fact is that if we hadn't spent what we had on the trams then we could have been half way to having the cash to spend on a high speed rail link between Glasgow and Edinburgh, effectively linking the two cities.