22 August 2009

Wheels within wheels, deals within deals

Never believe it until it has been officially denied. And the alleged deal between London and Tripoli has now been officially denied, at least by London. (It's a different story in Tripoli.) There is no apparent shortage of trade benefits.

But what about the deal between London and Edinburgh? How did the UK Government persuade the Scottish Government to permit the release of the dying prisoner? Sure, it got the Scottish legal establishment out of a hole, so the SNP administration would have been inclined to play along. On the other hand, there was an excellent chance of seriously embarrassing London. Furthermore, the SNP would certainly have needed a serious incentive to expose itself to criticism from the US of A.

So, if I may extend this conspiracist fantasy a little further, what made Mr Salmond decide to line up with the undoubted (if seldom expressed) wishes of Mr Brown's government that a line should be drawn - once and for all - under the Lockerbie atrocity?

Will we ever find out?


Anonymous said...

We may well find out as Scottish Nu Laburr lines up the rest of the Parliament in a no confidence vote looking to bring down the SNP government. They've been after MacAskill for some time now, attacking him at each and every turn. These champagne socialist make me sick with their dishonest antics.

Strange how a large number of people that looks at the evidence comes to the same conclusion that a miscarriage of justice has most probably been done in convicting Megrahi.

Anonymous said...

Because, albeit only under the SNP's governance for a brief period, the Scottish justice system had as much to lose as Westminster did.

Not in the decision allowing the the man 'convicted' of the Lockerbie bombing go free, or not, but ensuring that, whatever it may take, and given his state of health 'compassionate release' can be justified, that the appeal is DROPPED.

Whatever it took, that appeal, which was due to resume next month, had to be abandoned. The damage it could potentially inflict, not only on Westminster but on the Scottish justice system, who had conspired together to keep an innocent man in jail for nearly 10 years, would expose corruption at the highest levels, would be too much for any government to withstand.

I've not even started on Washington's interests.....