21 October 2009

A silver (well grey-flecked) surfer writes ...

It was Margaret Thatcher who was alleged to have said:
A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure.

I qualify for my bus-pass today but I don't feel a failure.


commentor said...

If you have money you can spend it to have more time not travelling:


* Spend a lot of your time Walking. At least you'll get exercise and fresh air.

* Buy a bike and get knackered, and sometimes frozen and pissed on. Good on nice days though.

* Endure slow, unreliable travel and noisy, smoking neds with speaker phones on the Bus.

* Shell out £££ for faster travel and Drive yourself around.

* Play Nintendo DS in the back of your Chauffeur driven limo.

MINTED ------>|

If having the fiscal freedom to spend your way out of tedious wasted time is success, then Thatch was right.

Of course, a free bus pass is a special case.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Dave - enjoy the bus trip back from Spain

Half marathon man said...

You could have applied when you reached 60 you know - but have a happy birthday!