05 October 2009

Supply and demand

It's not very encouraging, is it? All those months with a wet towel round the head and this is the best they could come up with?
The Conservatives say they would pay for their £600m plan to "get Britain working" by cutting the incapacity benefit bill.
People on employment support allowance who are deemed fit to work would be put on the jobseeker's allowance, reducing their benefits by £25 a week.
All incapacity benefit claimants would be assessed to see if they could work.

I know, I know. Governments have spent years and years trying to reduce the number of incapacity benefit recipients, but perhaps the Tories have a magic formula. But, even if they were successful in that task, where are all these jobs that await those readied for the labour market?


commentor said...

"where are all these jobs"

People that come from all over the world are magically able to find these jobs ;)

Anonymous said...

This is not about getting people back to work: it's about cutting benefits and public spending. We'll doubtless hear lots more window dressing as the week progresses.