09 April 2010

Hammering the public sector - episode 38

I have little sympathy with high-earning public sector fatcats but is this really worth the trouble?

Public sector chiefs earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year would have their salaries cut back by a Conservative government under a radical scheme to link their earnings to the lowest-paid workers in their organisation, David Cameron announces today.

Er, not quite. Let's try again:

A Tory government would establish a fair pay review to ensure that no senior manager in the public sector can earn more than 20 times more than the lowest- paid person in their organisation.

Oh, they're going to set up a review. How exciting - not.

What sort of fatcat salaries are we talking about? Well, the highest quoted is £392,000. And how many are likely to be affected? Perhaps as many as 200. OK, it's not going to change the world, but the principle is not unimportant. Nevertheless, it seems a lot of effort for not a lot of reward.

Meanwhile, the obscenities of private sector fatcat pay, such as this one, are permitted to continue unhindered.

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