08 April 2010

Whirliebirds *

I read about this in The Scotsman and thought that the use of a helicopter was a bit extravagant for our Bella:
THE Conservatives will today provide further evidence of their campaigning fire-power as Annabel Goldie takes to the air in a frenetic attempt to visit all their Scottish target seats in a day.
Ms Goldie will use a helicopter to travel from Hawick in the south, Edinburgh in the east, Argyll in the west and Aberdeenshire in the north in a move echoing David Cameron's announcement that he had booked several aircraft to hurtle him around the country.

But hidden halfway down the article was the truth:
Ms Goldie will be joined by shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague on a day of hectic campaigning.
Despite The Scotsman's implications, did you really think that Bella would get a chopper without Mr Hague tagging along?

" Whirliebirds was a TV programme back in the dark ages which featured two helicopters.

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