09 September 2010

A la casa

As ever, I am always slightly surprised to arrive in Espana to find everything in order. Since my last visit, the electricity has remained on, meaning I don't have to chuck away the contents of the freezer and the beer is cold. When I turned the water on, it functioned. Even the damn computer and its evil twin, the router, are working more or less satisfactorily.

Of course Malaga airport remains unfinished (so what's new?) and you need to walk miles and miles to collect your bags. But the taxi system is vastly superior to Edinburgh airport (which is - by the way - an utter disgrace). And Ryanair will only sell spirits in these silly shampoo sachets. But, hey, we were only an hour late.

So here I am, sitting in my drawers and sweating profusely, compiling my first blog post of the holiday. Happy days ...

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