13 September 2010

Tra la la

Strange how stories just drop out of the news. Pakistan, for example. I refuse to believe that the floods have simply gone away or that a serious start has been made to reconstruction; nor that the supplies of water, food, medecines have reached an adequate level. But you would need to search diligently through the media to find any mention.

Instead, we appear to be obsessed with footballers' follies and with who hacked whose telephones under whose orders.

And, hey, I'm far from exempt.

And now of course it's the conference season. TUC this week, so lots of stuff about job losses and strikes. The LibDems next week, so the sole topic of interest will be the future of the coalition. Then the Labour leadership, then back to the Tory cuts. All so predictable.

Well don't expect me to expatiate - blogging will therefore be light. I've got things to do, you know ...

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