01 November 2010

A case for callming down?

A fluttering in the doo'cots. The Herald reports:
A ruthless al Qaeda bomber who recruited his own brother for a suicide attack was last night named as the prime suspect in the bomb plot that threatened to blow two planes out of the sky on Friday.
Saudi-born Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri was identified by US officials as it emerged that one of the two bombs posted from Yemen was missed by security and made it on to two separate passenger flights before it was eventually discovered in Dubai thanks to a tip-off.
The other, found at East Midlands Airport in England, could have brought down an aircraft, the UK Government said.

Well he may be ruthless, but he's not terribly effective. Neither bomb exploded. And his previous attempt - the so-called underpants bomb - was equally unsuccessful.

Incidentally, maybe I'm missing something but what exactly is the point of blowing up a freight aeroplane? A tragedy for the aircrew certainly, but it would hardly amount to an atrocity of Lockerbie proportions.

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