09 November 2010

Time to go home

And so another holiday in paradise (albeit a somewhat down-market paradise) draws to a timely close. The days are growing colder and my shorts have perforce been replaced with long trousers. No longer do the bars put up the umbrellas against the sun and I have just about completed the viewing of the Chabrol DVD collection.

Entonces, when Saturday comes, it's back to sunny Edinburgh. No complaints from me - I can readily swap the Mahou for the Deuchars IPA, while the mince and tatties will taste all the sweeter in Stockeree. And if I have to cover up my magnificent physique with sweaters and fleeces, I don't suppose the ladies will be too upset ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been in Edinburgh while you have been away, I have to say that I do not recognise your rose-tinted view of the city. The rain has been terrible, wind chilling and you will arrive to a real cold snap