20 November 2010

Here's to you Mr Robinson (again)

I'm an educated sort of chap and I don't really understand why I take such pleasure from the fact that fifteen young ruffians (plus substitutes) purporting to belong to my country should have so thoroughly thrashed a parallel fifteen from South Afrika. But they are our ruffians and it was great. It may not have been sparkling aesthetic rugby but the effort by those forwards was immense. And, unashamedly, it warmed the cockles of my heart. My Saturday evening supper had an unanticipated savour.

The coach, Mr Robinson, has now led us (how quickly we faineants adhere to the victors) to four victories in the last five matches including Ireland away, The Argentine away (twice) and now over the world champions. Unbelievable. The Man is working miracles. Respect, Sir.

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