21 February 2011

The mask slips

Privatisation is back! The Tories reveal their plans for enriching their chums and stuffing the rest of us. The Telegraph reports:

Mr Cameron says the era of “old-fashioned, top-down, take-what-you’re-given” public services will be ended.

Downing Street believes the plans represent the biggest shake-up in public service provision for 50 years.

A White Paper, due to be published in the next fortnight, will set out an automatic right for private sector bodies to bid for public work.

Have there ever been any successful privatisations? The rail network (bad example). The gas and electricity industries (good for the owners; not so good for the poor bloody consumers). Facilities management at PFI hospitals (as long as you don't need to park your car).

"Top-down, take-what-you're-given" services to end? Don't make me laugh ...

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