17 February 2011

So it goes

So farewell Wendy. You were not to the taste of every politician, nor indeed to every civil servant. You were sometimes rash, as per the "bring it on" episode. You may have been careless, eg with regard to political donors. And, since Gray became leader, you have loyally kept your head down, although you must have burned to stick a bomb or two up his backside.

Over the years, you have been abused, by the media, by your fellow politicians including (and perhaps especially by) those in your own party. and - yes - by people like me. While you have watched the time-servers and the mediocre climb to positions they did not and do not deserve. And I can understand the attractions of family life.

But you were one of the very few politicians with the ability, the brains and the energy to restore Labour to its rightful place in Scottish political life. For that reason, I hope that it's not adieu but au revoir.


John Maxton said...

It was a myth, propagated unthinkingly by the press, that Wendy had brains or ability. Much the same way that it was always said of Brown that whatever else he lacked he had brains. She was just useless in every repsect, including brains, and Scotland (and Labour) is well rid of her.

Dave said...

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. My own is based on my experience in working with the lady and I was impressed.